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Bay City Health Group - Osteopathy & Pilates Geelong: Postural Assessment

What is an Osteopath?

Osteopathy is not just another type of manual therapy. It is based around a unique (but quite logical) philosophy of assessing, diagnosing and treating the CAUSE behind pain & dysfunction - rather than just the symptom. Osteopaths are highly trained, Masters qualified (5 years at Uni) practitioners that use a combination of techniques including but not limited to: joint manipulation (HVLA), massage, stretching, muscle activation, articulation, PNF / MET, strengthening and MFR. As Osteopaths are registered through AHPRA, you can claim Osteopathy on your private health insurance (provided you have extras cover).



What do Osteopaths treat?

Below is a small sample of what an Osteopath can treat:

Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Sports Injuries

Joint stiffness

Shoulder Pain & Injuries

Hip & Pelvic Pain

SIJ Pain


Acute Pain

Chronic Pain

Muscle Tightness

Movement Limitations

Certain Types of Headaches

Pregnancy related pain of muscles & joints

TMJ issues

Bay City Health Group - Osteopathy & Pilates Geelong: Back Pain

What do Osteopaths treat the most?

Osteopath’s treat a huge variety of conditions and dysfunctions everyday. The most common presentation? Low Back Pain!



Osteopathy Price List:

Osteopathic Hands-On Treatment:

Initial Consultation - $110

Return Consultation - $95

Child Initial (<17) - $100

Child Return (<17) - $80

Osteopathy with Clinical Exercise:

Initial Consultation - $110

Return Consultation - $90

2:1 - $60 (max 2 ppl)

Child Initial (<17) - $100

Child Return (<17) - $80

*All Osteopathy services are eligible for Private Health Rebates (amount depends on your level of extras cover)

Initial Osteopathy consultations last for up to 1 hour. Standard return Osteopathy consultations go for up to 40 min. Short 20 min Osteopathy appointments are available, however a minimum number of visits must have been completed and will be at the Osteopaths discretion (these appointments are not available online and can only be booked in person at the clinic).

Our Osteopaths are registered providers through the following:

  • Medicare

  • Private health funds

  • EPC/MBS/TCA chronic care plans

  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) gold & white cards

  • TAC

  • Workcover


Bay City Health Group - Osteopathy & Pilates Geelong: Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehab

Exercise Rehab is performed in a private or small group setting, where you are guided through select movements and exercises by a registered health practitioner. The exercises prescribed to you are determined based on an assessment in your first session (progress will be monitored weekly) and your goals/needs. At Bay City Health our exercise rehab is taken by Osteopaths. A consultation with any Osteopath in the clinical setting is eligible for health fund rebates. The idea of exercise rehab is to guide you through the various stages - from assisted, isolated movements to larger whole body resisted movements. You don't have to be injured or in pain to participate in these sessions - it is just as important to train your body with the right movements to help prevent injuries in the first place!



Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) regarding Osteopathy


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