Is Pilates good for athletes?


Pilates is very popular among athletes of virtually any sport. Although it’s no substitute for repetition of the movements within your given sport, Pilates is a great addition. It challenges muscles in a way that is hard to reproduce elsewhere. Complicated, whole body movements on the Pilates apparatus can improves aspects of performance like balance, hip and core strength, power, proprioception and coordination, and when added to an existing skill set, can help improve overall performance. Most Professional athletes all over the world do Pilates, and most professional sporting clubs will either have Pilates equipment within their training facilities or outsource to local Pilates instructors. Some notable Athletes that do Pilates include:

  • NBA superstar Lebron James

  • Football legend Gary Ablett

  • Soccer goal scoring machine Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Tennis champion Serena Williams

  • Pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

  • World champion swimmer Emily Seebohm

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