Can Males do Pilates?


Yes males can absolutely do Pilates! Where once Pilates had the stigma of being primarily for dancers, it is now incredibly popular amongst all genders & age groups, with a dramatic increase in the amount of men regularly doing Pilates in recent years. Did you know that Pilates was created by a male bodybuilder and amateur boxer? The creator - Joseph Pilates - originally designed his method based on his own physical limitations before expanding it for others, including injured soldiers in World War 1 where he successfully rehabbed many serviceman. Men can get some fantastic benefits out of doing Pilates. Men typically have less joint mobility (flexibility) than women and therefore benefit greatly from the flexibility component of Pilates. However, many men are turning to Pilates now more than ever to help improve sporting performance, assist with work posture, strengthen up their core muscles, help lose weight and rehab from injury. Below are 10 famous males who regularly do Pilates: 

  1. Kobe Bryant (NBA Basketball)

  2. Sylvester Stallone (Hollywood Actor)

  3. Lebron james (NBA Basketball)

  4. Gary Ablett Jnr (Australian Rules Football)

  5. Andy Murray (Tennis)

  6. Joel Selwood (Australian Rules Football)

  7. David Beckham (Soccer)

  8. Antonio Brown (American Football)

  9. Anthony Watmough (Australian Rugby)

  10. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer)