What do I need?
What are my choices?
What is best for me?



The Traffic Light Health Guide


Sometimes knowing what YOU need can be the hardest part. With other people giving you different opinions it can be quite overwhelming and confusing. 

So we want to keep things basic!! Our favorite saying here is:

KISS - Keep It Short & Simple

That's why we have developed the Traffic Light Health Guidance System.

It is a philosophy designed to guide you in the right direction that best suits you and your needs.


RED: Pain &/or limitation in movement. Receive professional advice and treatment

AMBER: Caution with movement but on the right track. Bridge between Red & Green

GREEN: Go. Build on fitness, strength, mobility & coordination. Maintenance. 



The Red Light

Traffic Light Red.png

In regards to your health, this is the stage in which you need to seek intervention. Things like pain, decreased mobility, unable to complete normal activities and injuries (see our Services page for a full list). In our clinic this is where you see an Osteopath. Our Osteopath's will diagnose not just the issue at hand, but most likely the cause behind it. Then using a wide range of manual, hands on techniques they will treat you accordingly to get you moving again - and out of the red zone. Because who likes being stuck at the red light??

**If it is an emergency please call 000



The Amber Light

Traffic Light Yellow.png

The amber zone is the bridge between red & green, the bridge between pain/dysfunction and health. It is the transitional stage. The focus of this stage is movement where the aim is to increase stability, mobility, strength, balance - all the things we need to perform everyday activities weather at work or home. For those who are progressing from the treatment room, rehabilitating from an injury or needing guidance through movement - this is for you. We want to guide you through the amber zone by using Rehab/Clinical Pilates taught by highly qualified instructors and into the green zone.



The Green Light

Traffic Light Health Guide - Green.jpg

The green zone is all about maintenance. Everyone should want to be cruising through the green light - or in this instance - the green zone. So how does it relate to your body? Regular movement and exercise has a number of proven benefits, which is why we promote maintaining health through movement and exercise over being stagnant and reactive. Our way of helping people achieve and maintain their health is through Reformer classes, which are aimed at all types of people and their movement capabilities. Reformer classes are a whole body workout designed to improve core strength, coordination, joint stability, fitness, balance and the list goes on. We want everyone moving at their best and to stay that way. Let’s aim for the Green Zone and stay there!